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Children's Dentistry


Children's Dentistry

Dental caries, sometimes called cavities, is children's most common Chronic dental problem. Experts estimate that more than 50% of children develop cavities in their first teeth. The prevalence of the illness is five times that of asthma.

Dr. Deepanshu is one of the qualified dental professionals who can help prevent this illness.

Pediatric dentists, called pedodontists, are specialists in spotting and treating dental problems in infants, young children, and adolescents. They focus on the specific dental issues that can affect the jaw, gums, and teeth as the body develops and evolves.

Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive oral health care adapted to the needs of growing children and teenagers.

They provide:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Fluoride treatments and tooth brushing
  • Early identification and treatment of abnormalities with the bite or dental alignment
  • Restoring a cavity
  • Treatment for dental issues includes missing or broken teeth.
  • By treating gum disease, periodontal disease can be prevented.
  • Early identification of oral health issues linked to ADHD, hay fever, asthma, and diabetes.