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At Vivan Dental, we utilize braces that provide precise results (accurate), good smiles and look nice too (aesthetic), are comfortable for the patient (easy), and require the least amount of time to get the desired result (efficient). Originally intended for adults, they are now also utilized by teenagers.

Dr. Deepanshu Jhunthra is highly skilled in orthodontics and takes the utmost care when administering treatments.


Cheapest and most widely used braces

Metal braces comprise two essential parts and are sometimes called "conventional braces." These consist of the metal brackets bonded to the teeth and the flexible metal wire inserted through the brackets to exert pressure on the teeth and eventually cause them to shift. Most youngsters choose this style of braces since it is the least expensive option and frequently the quickest approach to moving teeth into their ideal positions.

Ceramic braces

Braces that are tooth-colored and less noticeable than metal braces

Among young adults, these braces are the most popular. Here, the wires and brackets are tooth-colored, making them hardly noticeable. Aesthetic braces are the answer for someone concerned about their braces being visible to others. These braces are high-grade ceramic, and the wires have tooth-colored coatings.

Lingual Braces/Hidden Braces

Not visible. When put inside the bite, braces are equally as effective as conventional ones.

Hidden braces offer many advantages and are identical to metal braces, except that they are placed on the inside of the bite instead of the outside. Whether made of metal or ceramic, they can be just as effective as conventionally positioned braces but cannot be seen outside the mouth. While they are visible when the user opens their mouth, brackets and wires on the front of the teeth are far more noticeable and much more intrusive.

Self-Ligating Braces

High-quality ceramic and metal braces

It is a modern improvement above conventional braces. Here, every bracket on the braces has a unique clip. There will be a reduction in the friction inside the braces. The procedure may become quicker and more comfortable as a result. Additionally, consuming foods containing turmeric (haldi) and other coloured ingredients does not cause these braces to develop the yellow stain that ceramic braces do.


Vivan Dental offers Invisalign the best aligners in the world. It is the ideal synthesis of comfort and beauty. Aligners are clear acrylic detachable trays that are transparent. It is growing in popularity for individuals who wish to have a beautiful smile but do not want braces.